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Top boxes across the country like NorCal, CFNE, and Invictus
are differentiating themselves from other boxes and getting a performance edge by offering NormaTec Recovery Systems to their athletes.

CJ Martin at Invictus called NormaTec his “Secret Recovery Weapon.” And the founder of CFNE, Ben Bergeron, says, “my competition team lives in their NormaTecs after hard workouts.”

They love NormaTec and you will too. Check below for our recommended Functional Fitness package, how to best use the system to maximize your performance at the box, and perspective from other athletes and coaches.

The ultimate in full body recovery. For athletes who leave it all on the gym floor—don't neglect any part of your body when you recover with this package

Arm, leg, and hip attachments included, along with the PULSE control unit (with internal battery).


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